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Laboratory Testing


Laboratory Testing

Diagnostic laboratory and screening tests are individualized for each patient, depending on their history, symptoms, and concerns. Here is a partial list of some tests that are available through our Medical Center. We have access to major laboratory centers and we are able to order even more specialized testing, as required by the patient's specific needs.

Routine STD testing / screening
- HIV antibody test
- Herpes blood test
- Chlamydia DNA test
- Gonorrhea DNA test
- Syphilis test
- Trichomoniasis
- Hepatitis B test
- Hepatitis C test
- Urethral Culture
- Urine Culture
- Cervical Culture
- Urinalysis
- HPV typing

Routine Laboratory tests
- Chemistry 24
- Cholesterol profile ( total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides )
- Blood type
- Urinalysis
- Thyroid function tests ( TSH, free T4 ), Prolactin
- Thin-prep Pap (for women)
- Hemoccult


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